September 17, 2016

Network Analysis & Optimization


Your enterprise network’s operations can be improved with the Noetic Network’s┬áNetwork Analysis and Optimization Services. We will help you identify, isolate, and resolve problems, ensuring high quality services to your users and customers.

Essentially, streamlining your IT network will simplify business operations and improve productivity.

IT Network Analysis Services dovetails effectively and efficiently with many of our other enterprise network infrastructure solutions, thereby addressing network inter-operability issues. We will help you both establish and maintain a high-performance, reliable IT network.

The network can actually be a traditional computer network, home network, wireless network, transportation network, or biological network, among others. It often acts as a network management tool for breaking down projects into components, or individual activities, and recording the results on a flow chart or network diagram. These results generally reveal information that is used to determine duration, resource limitations, and cost estimates associated with the project.

The challenge many IT organizations face is gaining access to the essential information that is required to perform network analysis, and to respond accordingly to the feedback extracted. In most cases, it is the lack of IT presence at remote sites that hinders the execution of thorough analysis. Due to the increasing complexities involved with network analysis, organizations may find that, in order to be effective, they require a solution that offers three important qualities: accessibility, granularity, and visibility.

We can offer insight into what is occurring at each critical point of the network. Details pertaining to protocols, traffic flows, and individual data packets can help an organization keep its network operating at an optimal level. This helps to manage bandwidth more efficiently, improve availability, and minimize the time needed to resolve issues through rapid detection and precise isolation.

We Offer following Services

Consult with your team to identify your network’s strengths and weaknesses, needs and goals.

Conduct a network analysis to comprehensively identify and assess underlying problems.

Propose recommendations to improve the design of your network.

Implement the approved solution.

Validate the procedure to ensure the solution is effective and efficient.