February 20, 2017

cloud ad hoc services

Mobile and wireless networks permit to widen traditional internet applications to this kind of networks. Furthermore, with the dramatic increase in their capabilities, mobile devices are becoming one of the main processing devices for users. However, they still lack resources compared to traditional processing devices. Integration between mobile devices over mobile ad hoc networks and Cloud computing is addressed in various studies.

The goal of this paper is to propose a protocol for the deployment of an ad hoc mobile cloud over MANETs. This scenario has multiple advantages such as ubiquity, availability, affordability, opportunity and spontaneity. The proposed system is composed of two types of nodes: Providers and Customers. A group of nodes with sufficient resources (Providers) collaborate to set up an IAAS like cloud and provides their services to a set of nodes (Customers) requesting resources. The protocol permits a dynamic management of provider and customer nodes.